KAA method

Step 1

  • Preselection: The best CVs are selected based on experience and foreign language proficiency.

Step 2

  • Common tests:
  • General culture test
  • Personality test
  • Language test (compulsory for English); optional for other languages according to candidate’s profile
  • Practical test depending on profession (written)

Step 3

  • Individual interview and situation test according to candidate’s profile

Step 4

  • Recruitment & Selection

KAA Training

Once candidates have been selected, Key Anne trains them to be operational in situ.

Our training courses consist of:

Hospitality techniques training (non-verbal communication, posture, language register, conflict management, etc.). As Key Anne Agency is specialised in hospitality, it is essential that our team members (reception and bar staff, drivers, etc.) be fully trained to best meet our clients’ needs. We make this training course a priority, and if the course is not successfully completed candidates are not allowed to participate in events. Once the course has been validated, candidates are required to sign our Code Of Conduct and adhere to it during assignments.

E-Learning : to improve language skills depending on job profile (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.). We have established a fun and interactive learning system aimed at helping our team members become proficient in the languages taught, whatever the situation. The advantage of this system is that our candidates can use distance learning via an internet connection.

 Intercultural hospitality Training (Japanese, Chinese, British, Italian, Spanish, American, etc. cultures). Since each culture has its own values, code of conduct, language, etc., we believe it is essential to respect each and every cultural code in order to provide the best possible reception. That’s why we created this course in order to train our team members in how to receive foreign visitors. The training we offer is key to providing skilled and high-calibre hospitality.

*If the client wishes, KAA can also organise personalised training courses for the assignment team.

Monitoring of services

In order to ensure first-rate service KAA regularly carries out checks on team members, either by telephone or as a mystery customer. For more in-depth monitoring, KAA designates one contact person per client for all team members, thereby making communication easier. We frequently conduct satisfaction surveys to find out whether the service provided met clients’ expectations. KAA believes in working together with our clients, a process that allows dialogue, sharing, and communication about our services.


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